The Cat Who Must Not Be Named Finds a Name – and a Home

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Updated: January 13, 2012
Published: February 24, 2011
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Looking like he stepped right off the pages of a Harry Potter novel, Charlie the cat, also known as Volder-Mog (after the infamous Lord Voldermort, from the Potter series) was having a tough time finding a family who was able to see past his villainous looks and into his pure heart.

The 14-year-old mixed breed cat -- known as a moggie on his home turf in Britain -- had to have his nose and ears removed due to a spreading cancer. The surgery was a success, but his odd features caused potential adopters to skirt around his cage at the Blue Cross animal center. That is, until Sarah Gaden laid eyes on him.

Ms. Gaden was one amongst hundreds who fell in love with the white moggie after being moved by his sad story. The deputy manager of the center said they were "overwhelmed by the response … with hundreds of calls from people desperate to give him a new home." But it was Ms. Gaden who got the first call in, and it is she who is now the fortunate new "parent" to Charlie.

Ms. Gaden had only recently lost her companion cat of 16 years, Tom, and had vowed to never bring another cat into her home. After meeting Charlie, she said, "Fate or magic must have brought Charlie to me."

Yet more proof that true beauty is seen through the heart, and not the eyes.

Image: Mikael Buck / Solent News

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