California Cat Burglar Caught Red-Pawed

PetMD Editorial
Published: February 17, 2011
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LOS ANGELES - A thieving feline has been caught on camera, stealing over 600 items from neighbors' homes in a California town, reports said Wednesday. Video after the jump.

Dusty the cat burglar was videoed by a night-vision camera carrying everything from a bath sponge and a toy dinosaur to a neighbor's bikini top down the street in San Mateo, south of San Francisco.

"Towels, gloves, shoes, socks and children's toys," owner Jean Chu told local ABC News television, listing the various household goods her pet has brought home.

"He took my mom's swimming clothes," added one neighbor's five-year-old, after the feline was finally fingered for the theft of some 600 items over the last three years.

Infrared video of Dusty showed it carrying a string of stolen goods in his mouth, including one item of clothing so big and long that the cat's back feet were splayed as it hobbled along the sidewalk, dragging its bounty.

Neighbors have re-named Dusty "Klepto the cat" after he was caught red-pawed following an investigation by "Animal Planet," which featured him in one of its TV shows this week.


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