Baby Swine Pig Out on Dog's Milk in Cuba

PetMD Editorial
Published: August 25, 2011
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HAVANA - On a farm in Cuba, five little piglets are doggedly insisting on getting their milk from a stray canine rather than their own mother.

Farmer Mannorkys Santamaria is bewildered that his sow has plenty of milk but the puppies prefer supping from the breast of Yeti, an adopted stray who earlier this week stopped nursing the last of her eight puppies.

The piglets turn to Yeti's breasts "whenever they have the opportunity" and "weep and groan" when the dog "becomes tired of the siege and leaves the house," Santamaria told Cuba's National Information Agency.

Vet Sergio Rodriguez said adoptions like the one between Yeti and the piglets are rare in the animal world, but speculated that the piglets were attracted because the taste and temperature of all mammal milk is similar.

"Yeti reacts like someone who is receiving love," said Santamaria, adding that the dog had simply arrived at his farm unnoticed and never left.

Image: woodleywonderworks / via Flickr

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