PETA Goes Wild in Porn-for-animal-rights Bid

PetMD Editorial
Published: September 20, 2011
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NEW YORK - Animal rights campaigners PETA will go wild later this year -- with a pornography website.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has long deployed nearly-nude street activists to promote its campaign against the wearing of leather, fur, or make-up tested on animals.

But a sex site called, due to be launched sometime between November and December, will finally show campaigners in their entire natural glory, says associate director of campaigns Lindsay Rajit.

"We get as naked as we're able to legally. In most cities and states that means you still have to wear pasties and some coverage on the bottom," Rajit explained. "With the triple-x domain you won't have those limitations."

However, viewers will also be confronted by the naked truth of cruelty to animals, Rajit added.

"As soon as people land on the site they'll see some tantalizing images....

But we will also have graphic images that people are not necessarily looking for."

PETA activists, not porn artists, will feature on the site "because they want to do everything they can to help the animals," Rajit said.

She dismissed criticism that PETA exploits women while trying to save animals.

"We think every man and woman has every right to use their voice, their pen, their body to help the animals."

Image: PETA

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