60-Pound Pet Fish Dies, Owner Devastated

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Updated: March 07, 2011
Published: January 22, 2010
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Talk about freaky! A Merritt Island family has been hand-feeding a 60-pound fish named Jaws from their 240-square-foot neighborhood pond for nearly thirty years.

According to FLORIDA TODAY, Regina Gaydose and her husband fed the South American pacu, a friendlier, vegetarian cousin to the piranha, a steady diet of bread, pretzels, hotdogs, and hamburgers (what, no steaks?) -- all while mimicking the Jaws theme song as the enormous fish approached their back deck.

On Monday night, however, Jaws floated up to the surface not because he wanted food, but because he was dead.

"He’s like family," Gaydose said. "My heart’s broken … He’s never going to come up again."

There's still no word whether Stephen Spielberg and Roy Schneider have been inspired enough by recent events to start work on Jaws 5: Really, Another One?

Image: Jim Waymer / via FLORIDA TODAY

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