New Book, "Cats on Catnip," Filled With Fun Photographs of “High” Cats

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By Kendall Curley    June 25, 2018 at 02:32PM

Our pets are always finding funny and unique ways to keep us entertained and laughing. Cats, in particular, have a knack for being silly, which is probably why there are so many YouTube videos dedicated to just documenting bizarre and hilarious cat behavior.


Pet photographer Andrew Marttila has captured cats at their quirkiest with a series of photographs of cats on catnip. He says to My Modern Met, “In the blink of an eye, a cat’s expression transforms from bored to inquisitive to playful to curious to bizarre…to utterly unhinged.”



Grey Cat on Catnip



To share these photographs, Marttila has published book of the series entitled, “Cats on Catnip.”



Andrew Marttila and book, Cats on Catnip



This book documents the frenetic yet extremely endearing faces and behavior that cats exhibit once they’ve been exposed to catnip. Marttila explains to My Modern Met, “Whether it’s eating it, playing with it, or rolling around in it, catnip turns our domestic feline friends into hilarious balls of activity. Carefree and unconstrained, they are free to be silly, exceptionally playful, and downright gnarly.”



Black Cat on Catnip



With photos of cats wide-eyed and covered in catnip, it’s hard to argue that it isn’t truly a masterpiece.



Tabby Cat on Catnip



Known as “The Cat Photographer” on Instagram, Marttila has been photographing kitties for quite some time, and even provided the photographs for a book published in 2016 called, “Shop Cats of New York,” which shows off the lives of bodega cats and other shop cats in New York City.


Learn more about the effects of catnip on cats.



Image via thecatphotographer/Instagram




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