More Than 40,000 Bees Swarm Hot Dog Stand in Times Square

PetMD Editorial
August 31, 2018
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Image via CNN/Facebook

On Tuesday afternoon, Times Square in New York was buzzing with people—and bees. More than 40,000 bees swarmed a hot dog stand at 43rd Street and Broadway while looking for a new home to escape the sweltering heat.

Officer Darren Mays, one of the two official beekeepers of the NYPD, tells CNN, “The hive got overcrowded because it was hot and humid and they just needed a new place to go so they can keep cool.”

According to the New York Times, the mass of bees was so dense that it weighed down parts of the stand’s umbrella, much to the dismay of the vendor--who reportedly appeared agitated. 

Mays tells the CNN that the bees had left their hive on the rooftop of a nearby building to search for a new home.

The two NYPD beekeepers were enlisted to help clear the bees from the scene. The corner was sectioned off, and officer Michael Lauriano arrived outfitted in full protective gear--complete with a netted bee helmet.

The goal was to vacuum the honeybees so they could be safely transported. The job took officer Lauriano 45 minutes.

Mays tells CNN that the bees have been safely stored in a hive box and are being escorted to an apiary in Long Island.

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