Moose Takes Self-Guided Tour of University of Utah Campus

PetMD Editorial
Published: July 17, 2018
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On the morning of July 9, 2018, the students of the University of Utah were greeted by an unusual guest hanging out by the J. Willard Marriott Library.

A moose had decided to take its own little tour of the campus and explore the world of academia. His presence made for a fun start to everyone’s morning and provided students and faculty alike with some light-hearted fun.

To make sure the moose safely found his way back to his normal habitat, and was able to share his newfound knowledge with his fellow moose, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources was called in to help.

In a Facebook post, the Utah Division of Wildlife resources reported, “This young bull #moose had fun wandering The University of Utah campus this morning, even stopping by the J. Willard Marriott Library! Now, after a tranquilizer-induced nap, he's back to the wild, and his memories of campus life are just a happy haze!”

Good luck in your future endeavors Mr. Moose! Or should we call you, Professor Moose?

Video via Utah Division of Wildlife Resources/Facebook

Image via J. Willard Marriott Library/Facebook

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