Missing Dog Found 175 Miles Away After 8 Months

PetMD Editorial
Published: February 19, 2019
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Image via Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills/Facebook

Kaiser, a 5-year-old King Shepherd, was found 175 miles away from his Massachusetts residence eight months after he jumped his family’s 6-foot fence while a woman was dog sitting him, according to USA TODAY.

The Woollacott family never gave up hope, though. “I spent like three or four weeks just putting 1,500 miles on my car. Every day. He’d been seen around here for like a month, and then at Mt. Watatic about a half-hour from my house, then up in Greenville, New Hampshire, 12 hours later,” Tom Woollacott tells Bangor Daily News. “Then he was seen in Pepperell [Massachusetts]. I talked to a lady who had walked into her horse barn. She said, ‘I thought it was a wolf.’ But by the time I got there, he was gone.”

Woollacott even used a drone to search for Kaiser, but to with no success.

After being fed by a woman in Bethel, Massachusetts, for three weeks, Kaiser was brought to the Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills in South Paris, a no-kill shelter. The shelter posted Kaiser’s photo on Facebook and received a ton of reactions.

The woman who was dog sitting Kaiser was contacted through the grapevine and sent in pictures to the shelter. Although Kaiser looked different than the photos at the time, the shelter staff knew it was him.

“It was funny. We said, ‘It’s not the same dog. The pictures don’t even look the same.’ … When I went out to the intake area, I was like, ‘Hey, Grizz,’ and he kept his head down. Then I said, ‘Kaiser,’ and he just looked me dead in the eye. I went to the office and said, ‘I think that’s him,’” board member and volunteer Morgan Miles tells Bangor Daily News.

Woollacott called the shelter that week and recalled “pretty much every lump and bump” on his dog, Miles tells the outlet. Woollacott drove through the snow the next day to retrieve his dog.

“He clearly is the only one who knows truly what happened,” Miles tells Bangor Daily News. “Somebody could have picked him up or he could easily have traveled that distance himself over eight months. Honestly, I think he meandered all the way by himself.”

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