Miss Helen the Horn Shark Stolen From the San Antonio Aquarium

PetMD Editorial
Published: August 03, 2018
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Image via Julian Gunther/Shutterstock.com

On July 28, three suspects stole a horn shark named Miss Helen from the San Antonio Aquarium. That’s right, they stole a shark from an aquarium.

As you can see in the video, they used a net to pull the shark out of its tank and then wrapped it in a wet towel while they quickly made their escape. According to the San Antonio Aquarium’s Facebook page, they then went into one of the aquarium’s back rooms and emptied a cleaning bucket half-full of a diluted bleach solution into the cold-water filtration system and used the bucket and a stroller to then transport the shark to their vehicle.

Luckily, the fast-acting aquarium staff members were able to use Sodium Thiosulfate to counteract the bleach and minimize the harm to the cold-water exhibits.

The San Antonio Aquarium explains on their Facebook page, “We worked closely with Leon Valley and San Antonio Police Departments to recover our shark and apprehend the suspects. They located our shark, brought our Assistant Husbandry Director, Jamie Shank, there to identify Miss Helen and bring her back with us.”

The San Antonio Aquarium has taken the whole ordeal in stride and has even started a campaign to get Miss Helen on the Ellen Degeneres show using hashtags like, “#HelensStoryGetstoDory” and “#misshelentoellen.” 

Hopefully Miss Helen and the hardworking employees at the aquarium who diligently worked to get her back will get their wish and be able to visit Ellen!

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