Meet Scooter: Paralyzed By Gunshots Turned Hero Therapy Dog

PetMD Editorial
Published: January 22, 2014
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Most people would have thought Scooter, a Border Collie, was a goner after he was left on streets with three gunshot wounds in 2011 — but not Thomas Jordi. He knew Scooter was destined for greatness.

A Cheatham County Animal Control Director in Tennessee, Jordi decided to adopt Scooter even after it was discovered one of the gunshots which struck the spine would leave Scooter permanently paralyzed. Jordi then fitted Scooter with a special dog wheelchair and made sure to use his unique situation to help kids and others in the same situation.

Scooter trained to become a certified therapy dog to work with the elderly and children, especially kids who also use wheelchairs to get around.

Scooter has become a fan favorite not just in his town but all around the country. More recently, Scooter was named Grand Marshall for the Cheatham County Special Olympics parade.

Jordi and Scooter have been able to turn a tragedy into a truly amazing story about perseverance and love.

Visit Scooter's Facebook Page for updates on his wild and crazy adventures.

Image of Jordi and Scooter via Facebook


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