Gecko Makes More Than a Dozen Phone Calls While Inside a Monk Seal Hospital

PetMD Editorial
Published: October 10, 2018
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Image via Twitter/Claire_Simeone

Last week a tiny gecko was caught accidentally calling people from inside the Ke Kai Ola Marine Mammal Center, a monk seal hospital in Hawaii.

According to the Twitter feed of director Dr. Claire Simeone, she became suspicious when she started getting calls from the hospital and was greeted with silence on the other end of the line. Once she received nine calls in 15 minutes, she assumed it was a seal emergency and drove back to the hospital. “Seal emergency? I’m on it,” she recounts in a Tweet.

After arriving at the hospital and realizing that there was no emergency, she enlisted the help of Hawaiian Telecom, the center’s phone company, who confirmed that “a bazillion calls” were coming from one telephone line inside the hospital.

Further investigation resulted in the discovery of a tiny gold dust day gecko perched on top of the laboratory's phone line. “THERE IS A GECKO SITTING ON THE TOUCHSCREEN OF THE PHONE, MAKING CALLS WITH HIS TINY GECKO FEET!!!,” Dr. Simeone recalls in a Tweet. “This gecko has called me 15 times, and everyone in our recent call list.”

What was the fate of the busy gecko? Dr. Simeone says, “I immediately hired gecko.” She placed him outside on a leaf so he can work from home.

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