Dog Bamboozles McDonalds Customers Into Buying Her Burgers

PetMD Editorial
Published: October 25, 2018
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Image via Facebook/Betsy Reyes

We’ve all probably seen dogs begging for food at the dinner table. But you wouldn’t expect a pup to take their act on the road, tricking strangers into turning over their meals.

One pet parent found her dog doing just that at a local McDonalds in Oklahoma City. Betsy Reyes realized that her pup, Princess, had been sneaking out and bamboozling unsuspecting McDonalds customers into thinking she was a stray dog in need of a meal.

Her Facebook post quickly went viral with over 275,000 shares, spreading to Instagram and Twitter as well as appearing on many local news channels.

To catch her dog in the act and prove that this was not an internet stunt, Reyes went down to the McDonalds and filmed her dog in action.

Now that is one smart pup that knows how to hustle for her meals.

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