Cats and Dogs Get Credit Card Offers

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Updated: January 30, 2018
Published: July 25, 2013
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Imagine your cat or dog getting a credit card offer. Now imagine your four-legged fur-kid being offered a larger credit limit than the banks will even offer to you.


That’s exactly what happened to a Texas couple who decided to write their cat’s name on a warranty card for an entertainment center they bought in 1996.

In a recent story about crazy credit card offers, ABC News reported that Debbie and Mike Gavaghan's cat, Max, began receiving offers for country club memberships, sweepstakes, magazine subscriptions, and other “junk” mail. When the couple filled out the warranty card as a joke, they listed Max as a self-employed wealthy guy who made $500,000 a year and who also owned a boat.  

The craziest offer Max got, though, was a credit card with a $100,000 limit from MBNA. On the same day, the couple also received a credit card offer from the same bank, but their credit limit was only $50,000.

Felines aren’t the only fur-kids who have gotten credit card offers.

Kelly Sloan became frustrated with getting credit card offers for her deceased father. Capital One couldn’t seem to get the message, so Sloan decided to fill out the credit card offer she received for her father in her dog, Sparky’s, name.

Although the pooch died in 2002 at age 13, Sloan continues to receive offers in Sparky’s name.

The article cautions that if you do receive offers in your pets' or children’s names, you should immediately destroy the paperwork and notify the credit card company.

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