Cat Shatters World Record for Loudest Purr

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Updated: January 31, 2018
Published: May 27, 2015
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By Samantha Drake

When Merlin, purrs, people listen; they can’t help it. Guinness World Records has named Merlin, a rescue cat from Torquay, England, the cat with the loudest purr. 

The cat’s purr measures nearly 70 decibels — the equivalent of an air conditioner and almost as loud as a dishwasher, according to the authority on record-breaking feats. 

Tracy Westwood adopted Merlin, age 13, from a local animal shelter. Westwood and Merlin recently appeared on the British television show “Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud 2,” to document his earsplitting achievement. A Guinness World Records representative measured Merlin’s purr at 67.8 decibels, edging out the 67.68 decibel-purr of the previous record holder, Smokey, who died of kidney failure at the age of 14. 

“It was amazing to see just how loud his purr was in person, and despite a couple of readings of Merlin’s purr just under the current record, a bowl of tuna cat food proved to make all the difference and secure the record,” said Guinness World Records spokesman Jamie Clarke.



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Image: Guinness World Records