Cat Decides TV Interview Is Optimal Time to Sit on Owner’s Head

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By Kendall Curley    July 10, 2018 at 03:56PM

Cats have never been known for their respect of personal space. Most cat parents know that feline companions will come and go as they please with little regard for what their human may be doing, and that was on full display in a recent video posted on Twitter.


Jerzy Targalski, a Polish historian, was being interviewed for a news program on the Dutch public television station, Nieuwsuur, when his kitty decided it needed a better vantage point.


As the Washington Post reports, “Partway through the taping, his orange tabby began pawing and mewing at Targalski’s right side. The cat then scaled up the professor’s arm like a personal Everest.”


In the video, you can see Targalski crack a smile and casually accept his fate as his cat works to turn him into a human cat tree. Once the cat starts his ascent, Targalski can be heard asking—in a conciliatory tone of resignation to his fate—“We tolerate this?”


When no one immediately objects from behind the camera, he carries on with the interview, completely unfazed by his new feline scarf. There is even an additional gray cat that can be spotted wondering on the porch in the background, showing that Targalski is no stranger to the many joys of being a cat guardian.


Video via Nieuwsuur/Facebook


It created quite the juxtaposition considering the topic of discussion was what the presence of secret police in certain countries means for their political transformations, the humor of which has not been lost on anybody.


While this tabby cat’s shining moment did not make the final cut of the interview, he does make an appearance at the end, sitting on Targalski’s lap and receiving pets.


The video of him jumping into the frame and stealing everyone’s heart was actually posted on Twitter by one of the interviewers, so that everyone could enjoy seeing what the reality of being a cat owner is really like. Considering it is a pretty relatable instance of cats just being cats, it is no wonder it has gone viral.


Image via Rudy Bouma/Twitter



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