Bacon Response Team: Police Officer Trains Two Pigs to Be Therapy Animals

PetMD Editorial
Published: January 07, 2019
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Image via FOX 46

Chad Webster, a police officer with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg department, is a man of many talents. He is not only a police officer and community volunteer and mentor, but he is also a published author of two children’s books.

His newest venture finds him dealing in porcine training. Officer Webster has taken on the training of two pigs—Sergeant Snuggles (Sarge) and Frankie—and has plans to turn them into therapy animals for the community. His goal is to have them trained and ready for community outreach as a dynamic team of therapy pigs.

He explains to FOX 46, “It's called the 'Bacon Response team' and it includes myself and the two pigs.” He continues, “You don't see a whole lot of people with therapy pigs. We thought it would be something cool and different.”

Officer Webster and his wife explain that pigs are incredibly smart and more than up for the task. They can be trained just like house pets and treated like humans. They do say to make sure you always have something to keep the pigs busy with or else they will find their own mischief.

You can follow Frankie and Sergeant Snuggles’ training and adventures on their Instagram account: The Bacon Response Team.

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