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Image via Facebook/Red Canary Tattoo

Red Canary Tattoo in Thurmont, Maryland is offering certain types of cat tattoos for one week—Dec. 10-16—and the money raised will go towards Cuddles Cat Rescue.

Cuddles Cat Rescue is a nonprofit that takes in cats from the community, gets them spayed and neutered, and tries to get them adopted into a permanent home.

This is the third year that Red Canary Tattoo has hosted this fundraiser. 

"Getting a tattoo in general is really an exciting process for a lot of people, so this is a cool experience for us to give people a tattoo that they love and also be able to help out in the community," Andrea Munk from Red Canary Tattoo tells Local DVM.

The work done at Cuddles Cat Rescue is not cheap, according to the outlet, with the biggest expense being vet bills. “Getting them spayed and neutered, rabies shots, distemper shots, a lot of times cats and kittens come in sick with eye problems," Karen Kinnaird, president of the rescue, tells Local DVM.

"It is a great thing and it is so unique and so different and they raise a lot of money for us and we are so appreciate at the rescue,” Kinnaird tells the outlet. 

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