Surrendered Goldfish Find Refuge at Paris Aquarium

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PetMD Editorial
Published: August 22, 2018

Image via MirekKijewski/Shutterstock

The Paris Aquarium started a program two years ago to take in pet goldfish that have been surrendered by their owners. Since then, around 50 goldfish per month have been rehomed. The goldfish tank currently houses 600 specimens.

Most of these surrendered goldfish come from two different categories. There are goldfish who were won at carnivals and cannot be cared for, and goldfish owners who can no longer keep their goldfish—usually because their tank is too small.

According to Alexis Powilewicz, director of the aquarium, goldfish need to be able to grow and evolve in a large aquarium.

When the goldfish arrive at the aquarium, they’re given antibiotics and parasitic treatments to make sure they can be around the other goldfish and not harm them. After this process, the goldfish are quarantined for a month, until finally being able to join the others and live in the goldfish tank, which is on public display.

Emie Lefouest is one owner who had to give up her goldfish, Luiz-Pablo. Since she could no longer provide Luiz-Pablo a suitable home, she decided to pay the Paris Aquarium a visit.

Lefouest spoke to France24 about giving up Luiz-Pablo: “I am quite attached to him but I said to myself that two years is enough and it’s now time for him to move on and live like a goldfish should.”

The program has been very beneficial since it helps discourage owners from flushing their goldfish down the toilet as well as dumping them into rivers. This is especially detrimental since goldfish are an invasive species.

The Paris Aquarium’s goldfish tank currently holds four million liters of water, so there’s plenty of room for future goldfish who need a home.

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