Striking the Wonder Dog Is a Crowd Pleaser for College Football Fans

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Published: August 28, 2018

Photo via Striking the Wonder Dog

According to Mashable, a Border Collie called Striking the Wonder Dog "is tasked with fetching the tee whenever the New Mexico State Aggies play."

Striking has been part of the New Mexico State's Aggies football squad for the past four years, says Mashable. He was named as a successor to the now-retired Smoki the Wonder Dog, says New Mexico State.

Photo via Striking the Wonder Dog

When the Aggies football team played Wyoming on Saturday, Striking didn't let the team down—or the fans. 

Video via ESPN

This tee-fetching football dog does just as much work off the field as he does on. According to Mashable, Striking has also "been part of the Mesilla Valley Search and Rescue team, as well as serving as a wilderness search dog for the state of New Mexico."

This MVP isn’t the only tee-fetching football dog—Boise State has Kohl, a team dog who is a “kickoff specialist.”

We hope Striking and all the other tee-fetching football dogs get more TV time in the future!

Here are some highlights of Striking the Wonder Dog's football career:

Video via Striking the Wonder Dog

Striking tee-fetching while wearing his "retrieve-cam."

Photo via Striking the Wonder Dog

Getting "cheered" on by the Aggies cheerleading squad.

Video via Striking the Wonder Dog

A typical day off for Striking involves dog diving (and possibly getting dog treats). 

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