Roxy the Staffie Finds a Forever Home After 8 Years in an Animal Shelter

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PetMD Editorial
Published: December 28, 2018

Image via Facebook/Mamy News

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Roxy found a forever home just in time for the holidays after living at Teckels dog shelter in Whitminster, Gloucestershire, for eight years.

Leanne Wenban, a dog groomer, discovered Roxy on the Teckels website. The fact that Roxy had been at the shelter for so long is what enticed Wenban and her partner Sam Green to pay her a visit.

“At first, she ignored us, but we went up to see her every Thursday and Sunday,” Wenban tells FOX News. “At first we would sit in the cage with her and then eventually we were able to walk and cuddle her.”

“Teckels have been really good and have worked around us. They have made sure that there is always someone from there to be on hand to help Roxy visit. After a while, they did not have to supervise us being with her when we were making our visits. We were able to just sign in and go to see her,” Wenban tells the outlet.

Wenban says it took Roxy six months to get comfortable with her and Green. “It does not usually take a dog that long to get used to someone, but she needed that extra time,” she says.

To ease Roxy’s transition into a new home, Roxy first visited Wenban’s home on house visits. Roxy has her own bedroom with plenty of dog treats and dog toys.

Wenban notes that Roxy is still adjusting to the silence. “Before she was so used to all the noise from the kennels, which was fine and what she is or was used to, but now I think that she is catching up on the peace and quiet,” she tells the outlet.

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