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Community members of Pittsylvania County, Virginia, gathered to celebrate the official opening of the county pet center’s new dog park this week on Thursday morning. The community has felt the need for a place to let their dogs run around and play with other furry companions for a while. After raising money through donations and receiving help from several community members, the county’s pet center was finally able to create a dog park to provide for such a space.

Students from the county’s career and technical center created the sign for the dog park. Additionally, the Community Foundation of the Dan River Region and Chatham Rotary Club donated around $35,000 to express their support. The help provided, both monetarily and otherwise, shows the level of importance that the community as a whole places on pets. This sentiment was expressed by Makena Yarbrough, the executive director of Lynchburg Humane Society that runs the pet center, while addressing community members during the inaugural celebrations.

In addition to the county officials and community members, several dogs were also present at the ribbon cutting to be included in the celebration. The dog park is divided into two areas based on the size of dogs, in order to give the best chance for dogs to make furry friends of their own size without getting into a scuffle. On Thursday morning, several dogs were seen happily playing in the area designated for larger dogs weighing more than 40 pounds.

This dog park is not only meant for pet parents to bring their dogs to. It also provides an opportunity for pet shelters to engage with the public and introduce them to dogs for adoption. Several community members have expressed that they are looking forward to having dogs for adoption present in the dog park for them to play with and potentially provide forever homes to. 

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