Over 458 Pot-Bellied Pigs Available for Adoption After Hoarding Rescue

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PetMD Editorial
Published: September 07, 2018

Image via Pig Advocates League/Facebook

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife has taken custody of 458 pot-bellied pigs from a hoarding situation in Falmouth, Kentucky. The Pig Advocates League announced on August 26 that they would have 19 days to vet and home the pigs “before the state of Kentucky euthanizes them,” the post reads.

The Pig Advocates League is a nonprofit dedicated to creating cruel-free lives for pigs.

“This is a massive rescue operation,” the Pig Advocates League writes in a Facebook update. “The miniature pig world has never seen one this large.” Pot-bellied pigs are also known as “miniature pigs,” although these pigs actually weigh 80 to 150 pounds as adults.

To get the pigs adopted, the Pig Advocates League teamed up with a handful of rescues, including Atti’s Acres and Esther’s Army. Organizations and individuals are also encouraged to apply online to adopt one of the pot-bellied pigs.

So far, over 1,700 adoption applications were submitted by the public.

The Pig Advocates League also started a fund to collect donations. Their initial goal was to collect at least $40,000 to help with vet care and transportation costs, but that amount still wouldn’t cover all of the pigs. As of this writing, the team collected $64,041.84.

“We are all very hopeful every single one of these pigs will be saved. This couldn’t happen without the support of you,” the Pig Advocates League writes in the post.

Although the league exceeded their donation goal, their work isn’t done yet. The nonprofit tells HuffPost, “The cost to spay, neuter, vet and transport to a new home will well exceed $100,000.”

You can help by transporting, volunteering, donating or adopting a pig; visit the Pig Advocates League’s website for more information.

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