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Published: November 30, 2011
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LoLa spent the first five years of her life living in a puppy mill before she was rescued by volunteers at the National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR). There she was diagnosed with severe dental disease and was suspected of being pregnant. The NMDR immediately took her into surgery, extracted eight rotten teeth, determined she was not pregnant, and spayed her. This is just one of several stories submitted every day to’s Feeding Fido & Friends Rescue Tales Facebook contest, in which one deserving rescue or shelter organization will win $5,000 in pet food, treats and litter.

LoLa's new owner Brandi Princell recalls LoLa resting in her kennel post-surgery, wagging her tail and smiling with her eyes at volunteers passing by.

"Even groggy and sore, her sweet personality shined through," said Princell. "It was that sweet personality that caught my eye. After I was done with my volunteer shift, I decided to bring LoLa home with me. I thought she could bunk with me for a few nights of TLC-filled recovery, then head back to the rescue to await a forever home. Well, that plan fell through after two days.  I was not about to let her go! My heart belonged to LoLa. I am so thankful for NMDR and LoLa."

Tammy Fleming also submitted a story about her adopted cat King Arthur to the Feeding Fido & Friends Rescue Tales contest.

"King Arthur was rescued as a feral kitten by P.U.R.R. WV. He was rehabilitated but had feline herpes virus. His eye was completely closed," said Fleming. "The volunteers at P.U.R.R. WV didn’t give up on him and took him to their veterinarian to save his eye. We adopted King Arthur, and he now lives with us in Missouri. We are so grateful that he was rescued by a shelter that believes in No-Kill methods because he is a part of our family."

The Feeding Fido & Friends Rescue Tales contest invites pet lovers nationwide to tell their stories about inspirational pets and the rescues or shelters that helped them beat the odds. Submissions are being accepted now through December 18 on’s Facebook page. Ten finalists will be chosen by a team of judges and posted to Facebook in early January, where the entire community will then have the chance to vote for the most inspirational tale. The winning organization will be awarded $5,000 in pet food, treats and litter.

Image: Siamionau Pavel / via Shutterstock