Diabetes Foundation Donates Alert Dogs to Families in Need

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Published: November 17, 2011
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Diabetes Friendly Foundation is a Dallas-based organization focused on improving the lives of people living with diabetes. It is having its second annual "K9s for Kids" benefit on November 19 during National Diabetes Awareness Month.

Money raised from this benefit goes toward providing families in need with specially trained diabetes alert dogs. These dogs are trained to detect dangerous levels of blood sugar in their handlers, whether it is high or low, and alert them when such levels are reached.

"Our annual 'K9s for Kids' benefit makes it possible to improve the lives of families living with diabetes," said Cole Egger, founder of the Diabetes Friendly Foundation. "Supporting families with donations for them to receive a dog is the highlight of the event, and our year, because it stands at the core of what the foundation is all about."

The Diabetes Friendly Foundation is partnered with Wildrose Kennels in Oxford, Miss. The dogs donated to the in-need families are exclusively British Labradors that have participated in a 12 to 18 month training program through Wildrose Kennels.

"Being paired with a dog through the Diabetes Friendly Foundation changed our family’s life," said Sarah Wilson, a 2010 recipient of funds for her dog Ruby. Wilson's three-year-old daughter, Faith, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at just 18 months old and is the youngest recipient of a diabetes alert dog. "I can honestly say that because of her abilities, Ruby has saved Faith’s life."

This year there will be three families awarded funds from the Diabetes Friendly Foundation for their very own diabetes alert dogs. These include the Partees of Georgia, the Nolands of Mississippi, and the Horstmans of Alaska.

Tickets for "K9s for Kids" are $75 and may be purchased at www.diabetesfriendly.org.

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