Pictures of Cat Injured by Arrow on Facebook Page Raises Money for Feral Felines

PetMD Editorial
Published: May 12, 2011
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Carol Manos, operator of Carol’s Ferals, a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based organization dedicated to sterilizing and finding homes for feral cats, learned earlier this week that a stray cat had been shot in the face with an arrow. What Manos did next may surprise you.

"I don’t know what kind of sick people get their jollies this way," Manos said. "This was no accident. It’s obvious this was done on purpose"

The cat, which was named "Bow," was brought into Michigan Veterinary Specialists on Tuesday night after a woman found the injured stray and brought it in. But after it was treated for its injuries, Manos became involved with the feline.

Manos set up a Facebook page Wednesday called "Justice for Bow" to raise awareness about feral cats and the animal cruelty they encounter. Since then, hundreds of people have posted comments on the page, and donated $1,000 towards Bow’s medical bills.

"It was very lucky," said Ryan Colburn, the veterinarian who successfully removed the arrow shaft that had been penetrating the cat’s face, neck and body. When Bow arrived at the clinic for treatment, it was very healthy despite it’s injuries and could walk unassisted. Fortunately for Bow, the arrow had missed all the major organs.

Bow continues to receive treatment at the Animal Hospital in Lowell and is expected to fully recover. Manos hopes the popularity of Bow’s Facebook page will lead to discovering who shot him. She also anticipates Bow will be adopted when healthy.

Image: Courtesy of Justice for Bow / via Facebook

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