Miniature Therapy Horse Found on Roof Days After Flooding

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Published: July 13, 2018
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During a storm with torrential rain in western Japan, a miniature therapy horse vanished with her colt from Life Town Mabi, an aged care facility in the Mabicho district of Kakehashi.

Due to evacuation requirements, the staff was forced to release Leaf, the 9-year-old miniature horse, and her colt, Earth, and hope that they would find safety on higher ground. Once the waters receded, and the staff was able to return to the area three days later, they feared that both had drowned.

Mari Tanimoto, one of Leaf’s caretakers, never gave up the hope of finding the miniature horses, and began searching the surrounding areas.

The New York Post reports, “On Monday, a rescue team from disaster relief charity Peace Winds Japan came across a bizarre sight as they made their way to a school that had been functioning as a temporary evacuation shelter.”

What they saw, was a tiny, muddy horse atop a roof of a private home just a few miles away from Life Town.

Miniature Therapy Horse Rescued

Image via @PeaceWindsJapan/Twitter

While they sought additional help to get Leaf safely off the roof, she took it upon herself to make her way to the ground. Luckily, she was uninjured by the fall and avoided serious injuries. However, it is still a mystery of how she got up there in the first place.

She has since been evaluated by a veterinarian and is recuperating from her experience at a local farm, while her own farm, Mabi Farm Kakehashi, is being repaired.

Sadly, her colt, Earth, has yet to be located. But local residents are not giving up hope and are posting and sharing images of the beautiful miniature horse all over social media in hopes of locating the little guy.

Image via Kibitakogen Saraburi training/Facebook

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