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Julie the cat was finally reunited with her owners, Lorinda Roberts and son Jon Gulla, earlier this month after the cat exited the home six years ago in early 2012.

Gulla went to visit a stray cat that was posted on the PawBoost Lost & Found Pets earlier this month in hopes that she was Julie.

“(Gulla) called her name, and she came out and came right to him,” neighbor and witness Christine McKeon tells Current. “She wasn’t that friendly. She wouldn’t come running up to us.”

When the cat escaped from the home in 2012, Roberts was devastated. “She just ran, and I couldn’t find her,” Roberts tells the outlet. “I was just beside myself, going up and down Keystone (looking for her).”

Soon after Julie went missing, Gulla was diagnosed with lymphoma. While Roberts' search for Julie had slowed, she still had hope that she would be found.

“Every once in awhile you find that needle in a haystack,” Roberts tells the outlet. “I was looking for a needle, not a piece of hay. I thought maybe there was a one percent chance.”

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