Fundraiser Helps Woman Evacuate With Her 7 Rescue Dogs Before Hurricane Florence

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PetMD Editorial
Published: September 17, 2018

Image via Trudy Schilder/Facebook

Christine Meinhold explains to CNN, “I really don't have the resources to evacuate with 7 dogs. When I rescued these dogs, I took on a responsibility of loving and caring for them the rest of their lives.”

As her story was reported and shared on the internet, something truly heartwarming began to happen.

A Palm Springs-based radio host named Kate Zenna decided she could not let this woman, who has taken the time to rescue and care for seven dogs, put herself and the dogs at risk by staying in their home during Hurricane Florence. 

Zenna tells CNN, “I went to rescue dogs alone after Katrina and what I saw will never be forgotten. And now I am living with a lot of dogs and always have a plan.” So she launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for Meinhold to evacuate with all her dogs and supplies. Zenna explains to CNN that around 16 people from across the US joined together on Facebook and raised enough money to rent Meinhold a U-Haul van.

Because of their generous act, Meinhold was able to travel to Tennessee with all her rescue dogs. 

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