Denver Veterinarian Offers Free Veterinary Care to Pets of the Homeless

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Published: July 12, 2018
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Colorado veterinarian Dr. Jon Geller is hosting a pop-up clinic in Denver on Sunday, July 15, that will offer free veterinary care to pets of the homeless.

The event will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., outside of the Colorado Convention Center located in Downtown Denver. This pop-up clinic will be running in conjunction with the American Veterinary Medical Association annual convention, which will be held from July 13-17.

A group of veterinarians attending the annual convention will be volunteering their free veterinary care services at the pop-up clinic.

Michael San Filippo, a spokesman for the medical association, told The Denver Post that you can expect a full range of free veterinary services, including physical exams, microchipping, rabies vaccinations and other core vaccines, parasite control, diagnostic tests, and the dispensing of medication. Dogs with skin, eye or ear problems, or small wounds will also be treated.

Each pet owner will also receive a complimentary hygiene kit that will be assembled at the convention.

Dr. Jon Geller is the founder of The Street Dog Coalition, the group responsible for the pop-up event. The coalition is comprised of volunteer vets and vet technicians who work to provide free veterinary care and services to pets of the homeless. The coalition is active in 12 cities and serves up to 11,000 homeless people.

The Street Dog Coalition plans to host upcoming events in multiple cities, including Chicago, Illinois; Ithaca, New York; Austin, Texas; and New Orleans, Louisiana.

According to The Denver Post, Dr. Geller said in an AVMA news release, “These people have a very strong bond with their pets. They face added challenges of using public transportation, finding housing, working a job, even going to a doctor’s appointment because they can’t leave their pets at ‘home.’ On the other hand, for many of our homeless, their pets provide a purpose to their lives where none would exist otherwise.”

Image via Facebook/The Denver Post

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