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While out for a ride, a group of cyclists came across an abandoned puppy on the side of the road. As they approached the puppy, it became clear that he had most likely been hit by a car and was in some serious need of veterinary care.

According to, cyclists Chris Dixon and Jarrett Little offered the puppy some energy chews to entice him so that they could get closer. Luckily, the chews proved tempting enough to allow them to approach the injured puppy.

They knew they could not leave him there, so they decided to bring the puppy with them. However, they were 7 miles from downtown, so the logistics of carrying him became a bit tricky.

The group tried a variety of tactics for carrying the puppy, from carrying the puppy on the handlebars, to on their laps, to carrying him piggy-back style. And while it was a serious process of trial and error, they never gave up. 

Video Courtesy of Ledger-Enquirer

When they finally reached downtown Columbus, Georgia, fate seemed to take over for the lucky pup. According to, they passed by Andrea Shaw, a Maine native who was in town for business. The puppy ran right up to and began kissing and cuddling her.

Shaw knew immediately that the puppy was meant for her and told the cyclists that she was going to keep the dog. The puppy had a broken hind leg and toe, and was taken for surgery at an emergency vet.

Now called Columbo, he resides with Shaw and her family on her horse farm in Maine, and even has his own Facebook account, Adventures of Columbo.

Image via Adventures of Columbo

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