Chubby Polydactyl Cat Looking for Home Becomes a Viral Sensation

PetMD Editorial
Published: August 20, 2018
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Image via Wright-Way Rescue/Facebook

Bruno the polydactyl cat has become an internet sensation after Wright-Way Rescue posted an adoption plea for him on their Facebook page.

The post, which has been shared over 25,000 times, details Bruno the fat cat’s long list of very specific demands for his new family. The post, which is written from Bruno’s point of view, explains, “I like when you scratch the sides of my face and neck. I like to be pet on the top of my head and spine only. I know my tummy is so tempting to touch, but I would prefer if you didn't. I may swat my hand and pretend to bite if you do.”

While he is on a diet to shed some of his extra weight, he has some stipulations for his mealtime as well. “I love to be pet while I eat. It took my foster mom a little time to realize what I was meowing about, since she had just put food in my bowl. Soon she found out it's because I want pets while I eats! I will still eat if you don't pet me, but I will meow more and stare at you for a while...I also drink a lot of water. I never drink the water in the kitchen where my food is. I only drink the water that was put in a completely different room.”

The post has garnered a whole of interest and applications for Bruno’s adoption. Wright-Way Rescue even posted an adorable follow-up Facebook post about how he is currently reviewing all his options.

This is one cat who is truly too cool and quirky to not have a forever home.

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