Boy Is Reunited With Lost Therapy Cat After Two Months

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Published: August 09, 2018
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Courtesy of Deb Wilson via MyCampbellRiverNow

According to MyCampbellRiverNow, a lost therapy cat named Carlos was “discovered in a ‘heavily wooded rural area’ after going missing for about two months."

Bryan Baker, president of the Kitty Cat Prevent-A-Litter-Society (Kitty Cat P.A.L.S), said that "two months ago, we were in touch with a mother whose family cat had gone missing and she wanted tips on how to get the cat back."

Deb Wilson and her family attempted to find Carlos, but weeks had gone by, and they were still unable to find their missing cat.

Although Baker feared the worst, he said that he "didn't mention it to the family as the cat was used as a therapy cat for a young boy that was ill, so we didn't want to stress out the family thinking that this cat was never coming back."

But on Wednesday, August 8, Carlos was found and reunited with Wilson’s son, Josh, who has heart disease.

Wilson told MyCampbellRiverNow that they've had Carlson for seven years and that he’s been by Josh’s side through several open heart surgeries.

Wilson believes that her lost cat had been taken and dumped in the woods. According to another Valley resident whose cat was stolen from her property, several wooded areas have become a popular dumping grounds for cats that people have trapped.

Baker says that the family thought that “the same thing had happened to their cat because they had a feeling that something out of the ordinary had happened.”

"I’m so saddened that this has happened, I’m angry and I’m concerned that there are people that live in my neighborhood that would actually do something like this… I can’t imagine that someone would take the time to trap a cat–don’t bother with the SPCA, don’t bother dropping him off at the vet or whatever, but would take the time to drop him off far away, and leave him there knowing that he’s going to die a horrible death,” says Wilson.

After an extremely emotional reunion, Carlos is now back with his family.

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