Animal Shelter Uses Donated Furniture to Make Dogs Feel at Home

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PetMD Editorial
Published: August 23, 2018

Image via Knox County Humane Sociey No Kill Animal Shelter -Galesburg IL/Facebook

The Knox County Humane Society, a no-kill animal shelter in Galesburg, Illinois, is asking people to donate chairs for the animals to lounge on in their cages.

The idea came from shelter dog and unofficial mascot Buster Brown, who has since passed on August 20. Buster Brown is in charge of guarding the desk, but staff would often find him snuggled up on the office chairs, instead. The staff figured that if Buster loved sitting in chairs, then all of the other shelter dogs would, too.

Erin Buckmaster, the volunteer executive director for the Knox County Humane Society, tells WISH TV that their oldest resident pup, Mickey, appears much more relaxed after an armchair was put in his cage. “They love it,” she tells the outlet.

And not only do the shelter dogs love it, but people do, too. When the shelter asked their community for furniture donations, they had an influx of offers. “We’ve had them from all over,” Buckmaster tells WISH TV. “Everybody loves animals.”

When it comes to chairs, the shelter is saying the more the merrier. “We know they’re going to get torn up. So, as we go through the chairs, we’ll just have to dispose of them and get new ones.”

If you’d like to donate a chair, you can find more information on the Knox County Humane Society Facebook page. 

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