Animal Shelter Allows Families to Foster Pets Over the Holidays

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November 23, 2018
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Image via Facebook/Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center

The Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center in Ohio introduced a program called “Holiday Sleepover” where residents can take home a dog for three days over Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years.

According to 10 TV, the shelter is closed on those days, and the program gives the animals an opportunity to spend the holidays in a “warm and loving home.”

“It's just such a happier environment for these guys[dogs] to be in a home versus being stuck in a cage you know all day,” Kaye Dickson, the director of the Franklin County Animal Care and Control, tells the outlet.

“When they bring them back the only thing we ask is we give them a little report card to fill out to get a little more information on the dog than what we had before and we're hoping that will help them get adopted a lot quicker," she says.

For Thanksgiving, the shelter was able to find temporary shelters for 66 dogs who will be "enjoying a loving home for the holiday," according to their Facebook post.  

The shelter also recently introduced a family volunteer program that allows families to come in and take care of the animals. They hope to not only get more families involved with the shelter but also to help families learn about what it takes to care for a family pet.

“It can show the families together what it takes to, what is all involved with taking care of a dog as far as walking and feeding and some of the enrichment activities that we have for the dogs that can maybe modify the behaviors,” Dickson tells 10 TV.

For more information on the shelter, you can visit

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