Montreal Lifts Controversial Pit Bull Ban


More than a year after the city of Montreal decided to READ MORE

By Aly Semigran    Dec 18, 2017

Life With Pets, Mini-Episode 6: Dental Hygiene




On this week's mini-episode of petMD's podcast, Life...

By PetMD Editorial    Dec 18, 2017

6 Reasons Why It’s Hard for Veterinarians to Talk About Overweight Pets


I’ve been a veterinarian for many years, but obesity is really something that all of us who love pets and want them to feel good and live long and healthy...

By Ken Lambrecht    Dec 14, 2017

Research Reveals What Your Dog Is Really Thinking


I would love to talk to my dog—or at least know what he is thinking. Dr. Gregory Berns is trying to do just that. Berns, a researcher and physician at Emory...

By Hanie Elfenbein    Dec 13, 2017

Canine Cancer Genome Project Gets $1 Million in Funding for Research


The Animal Cancer Foundation (ACF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding novel treatment...

By Aly Semigran    Dec 13, 2017