UPDATE: Dog Rescued from Sub-Zero Temperatures Finds New Home

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Updated: January 30, 2018
Published: January 29, 2014
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Peanut, the dog that was confiscated by authorities after being found frozen to the ground earlier this month in Jasper, Indiana, has found a forever home.

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“The people who will be adopting Peanut did not know of his story when they saw him and fell in love, which we think makes it more special,” Mary Saalman, executive director of the Dubois County Humane Society, told Pet360. “Peanut is very healthy and happy; he has been staying with his foster mom all of this time so that he could recuperate in a home setting.  He is spunky, smart and full of life.” 

An anonymous caller tipped Dubois County sheriff’s deputies to dogs outside in a yard during a particularly cold night just after New Year’s Eve.

When deputies arrived to investigate, they found Peanut literally frozen to the ground. It took about ½ hour for the deputy to use warm water to help release the dog. Since the incident, 50-year-old George Kimmel and 55-year-old Dorothy Kimmel have been charged with animal neglect.

Peanut was found with another dog that was chained to a pole, but the owners immediately took that dog inside the house. The police officers could not confiscate the other animals, pursuant to Indiana law, which states the dogs must be in imminent danger.

However, the Dubois County Humane Society worked with residents at the home and they eventually relinquished three more dogs to the organization’s care.

The humane society now needs help in placing those dogs, which all appear to be mixed breeds (pictured below). “It's sad to say, but going through the horrible abuse Peanut did probably saved his life and not only found Peanut a wonderful forever home, but also helped three of his friends to be removed from this home, as well,” Saalman said. “We certainly hope that people will step up to adopt Shera, Janelle, and Suzy as they did for Peanut.  We were at capacity when we removed these dogs from their home, we have had to pay fees to have them boarded until we can adopt out more animals in our facility and make room to bring them in. They are all very sweet little dogs with very gentle personalities.”

Saalman says the publicity given to the plight of the dogs left outside has brought a lot of awareness from the community.

“Since Peanut's story broke, we have been working many neglect cases of dogs being left without adequate food, water, and shelter, even resulting in confiscation of another dog,” Saalman explained. “We hope that Peanut's story has also helped to bring more awareness about the needs of outdoor pets throughout our country during this very cold winter.”

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Editor’s Note: Photos courtesy of the Jasper County Humane Society.