Two Cats from the Same Household Have Guinness World Records

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September 11, 2017
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It's a pretty rare and incredible thing to have one pet who finds himself in the 2017 Guinness Book of World Records, but it's nothing short of mind-blowing to have two pets achieve such an impressive status. 

But that's exactly the case for Drs. Will and Lauren Powers of Ann Arbor, Michigan, who are pet parents to the record-breaking felines known as Arcturus Aldebaran Powers and Cygnus Regulus Powers

Arcturus the Savannah (pictured right) received the title of tallest domestic cat (living and ever), measuring more than 19 inches, while Cygnus the Maine Coon (pictured left) has the longest tail on a domestic cat (living and ever), thanks to that fluffy and impressive 17-inch tail. 

Will Powers (who is also cat dad to a third astronomically-named cat, 10-year-old Sirius Altair Powers), told petMD that statistically, "It's pretty incredible...the probability of two being in one house seems almost impossible." 

He credits a healthy lifestyle for their impressive size. "Honestly, I think a lot of it has to do with diet," he said. "We designed a special diet for them that they ate from the time they were kittens. I'm fairly confident this is the reason they are so insanely large and healthy." 

The happy and healthy cats, who are both over 2 years old, certainly keep the Powers family on their toes.

Powers said that Arcturus is something of a lockmaster. "He's smart enough to open doors with a handle, and sometimes can even open door knobs!"

Because both cats have sturdy frames and such prowess, "Treats and other special snacks have to be kept locked away and hidden in special baby-proof cabinets, as they get into everything," Powers told petMD. "If its not locked or secured, its accessible to them. Sometimes I think someone broke into the house while we were gone then I remember I have two giant brilliant cats who own me." 

Powers happily noted that all three of the cats in the household are "buddies....[they] sleep together in a pile and groom each other."  

"Cygnus and Arcturus constantly chase each other throughout the house and engage in 'play' fights where they pretend to nibble on each other or play a game where the goal is to lick the top of the head of the other cat," he said. "They are constantly tumbling around and playing with things. Both are extremely high energy." 

What's even more wild to consider: the cats haven't even stopped growing. Powers told petMD that while the cats reached their record-breaking statuses a little over a year ago, "They've grown a ton since the records were broken."

"We're keeping their current measurements a secret, just in case anyone ever breaks their record," Powers said. "That way, we can take it back!"

Image via @Starcats_Detroit Instagram 

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