The TSA Canine Adoption Program Has Taken Off

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Published: June 06, 2017
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While being a TSA dog is a noble and important job, some canines are simply not up for the task and fail to meet the training requirements for government work.

But that doesn't mean they aren't very good dogs. Because of that, the TSA launched the Canine Adoption Program, through which people can adopt puppies who didn't pass training or dogs who have retired from service. 

The program has strict guidelines for potential adopters, including having a fenced-in yard at the time of application. The adoptable dogs reside at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland in San Antonio, Texas, until they are placed with the proper family who best fits their lifestyle and needs. Approved applicants must travel to the facility to meet the dogs and, eventually, pick them up and take them to their new home if they are a good match.

Adopters must also sign an indemnity agreement, in which they pledge, among other promises, to pay for all of the dog's future medical care and not to use the dog for anything other than as a pet. 

While the adoption itself is free and all of the dogs are spayed, neutered, and vaccinated, they are "highly active and, in most cases, will require a lot of attention, additional training, and significant exercise," the TSA noted. "They are crate-trained, but not house-trained. Most dogs have not been exposed to small children or animals other than dogs." 

Still, the Canine Adoption Program has become wildly popular since its launch. In fact, the TSA had so many requests for adoption for its "failed" dogs, that no further applications will be accepted until August 2017. 

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