Stunning Mandarin Duck Appears in Central Park in New York City

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Published: November 02, 2018
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Image via Smith

On October 10, a Mandarin duck was spotted in a Central Park pond in New York City. At first, it only attracted the attention of local birdwatchers and bird lovers. It soon flew away and seemingly vanished without any explanation of its origin.

But on October 30, the Mandarin duck reappeared, and this time, New Yorkers took note.

Although the Mandarin duck is native to East Asia and there is no clear reason why it should have shown up in New York City, people are more intrigued by its stunning coloring and feathers.

The Central Park Mandarin duck has actually become a social media superstar, and has been dubbed “Glamour Duck,” with others referring to him as a “duckboi.” Some are asking if he’s part of a high-end designer’s new fashion line.

All the commotion over this fabulous duck proves that you really never can tell what is going to capture the attention of New Yorkers.

Video via USA Today

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