Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Adopt a Labrador

PetMD Editorial
Published: August 27, 2018
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Image via Town & Country/Facebook

Royal newlyweds Prince Harry and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, have reportedly adopted a Labrador into their family, according to

The outlet reports that the pup was adopted early this summer. Already the dog has enjoyed multiple vacations with the pair, including a trip to the Cotswolds area.

The new pup’s name, as well as much anticipated photos, have not yet been released to the public as of this writing.

The Labrador will be joining Guy the Beagle as the family’s royal pets. Markle adopted Guy prior to her engagement with Prince Harry and brought him with her across the pond to join Markle and Harry in the palace. Markle was also previously the pet parent of rescue dog Bogart, but she had to leave him behind after he was deemed unfit to fly to the UK, according to Express UK. The Labrador-Shepherd cross is now under a friend’s care in Los Angeles. 

Adding a new pup to the blossoming family seems to be a tradition in the royal family; Prince William and Kate Middleton adopted Cocker Spaniel Lupo shortly after their own wedding.

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