Plans for 17,000-Square-Foot Indoor Dog Park Coming to Omaha

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PetMD Editorial
Published: August 01, 2018

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In Omaha, Nebraska, there are plans to build a $16 million off-leash indoor dog park that may be perhaps the world’s largest to date.

The announcement to build the park was made by nonprofit company, Nebraska Canine Commons, whose mission is to create a fun space for dogs with safety, communication, education and the love of dogs in mind.

The plans call for a space that’s over 70,000 square feet for pure doggy play. To put it in perspective, 70,000 square feet is as large as 15 basketball courts or 1.2 football fields.

The private dog park will open to members only, with several different subscription rates. The dog park features specialized turf with an installed drainage system underneath to help manage liquid pet waste and odors. Additionally, the park will have a HEPA air filtration system for a constant flow of fresh air.

There are plenty of other perks that come with this gigantic indoor dog park. All staff members are required to be certified in Canine First Aid. They will keep a watchful eye on your pups, and you won’t even have to pick up your dog’s waste—they’ll take care of it for you. Every dog in the park is screened to make sure their behavior and health is safe around other dogs.

The park will include dog agility and doggy playground equipment for dogs to play on. There are also going to be unlimited dog training courses that are included with every membership level, as well as an on-location “Micro-Clinic” in case dogs get injured.

Sarah Dring, cofounder and marketing director of Nebraska Canine Commons, spoke to the Omaha-World Herald on the idea: “As we went into the winter months we realized there’s nothing really we can do (for vizslas) and there would be a great demand for an indoor facility for dogs.”

There are hopes to begin construction on the private dog park as early as Spring 2019 with full completion and open doors in 2020.

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