Is This a Picture of a Cat or a Crow? Even Google Can’t Decide

PetMD Editorial
Published: November 01, 2018
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From “the dress” to “Yanny or Laurel,” plenty of internet debates have gone viral and divided internet users. Today, the debate is sparked by a picture of a cat… or is it a crow?

Crow or Cat Question

Image via Twitter/Robert Maguire

At first glance, the image appears to be a black crow on a tile floor, but once you look closer, you see the eye of a cat and the outline of an ear. And that is where the debate begins.

Twitter users are weighing in on which animal is depicted. One user even reverse-image searched it in Google, and Google seems to be “Team Crow.”

Crow or Cat Google Search

Image via Twitter/Reed Mideke

However, here at petMD, we feel pretty confident that it’s a picture of a black cat. Just check out this illustrated image provided by Insider.

Illustrated crow or cat image

Image via Insider

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