Photographer Drew Doggett Captures the Beauty of Iceland and Its Icelandic Horses

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Published: July 30, 2018
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Image via drewdoggettphotography/Instagram

Iceland is known for its absolutely breathtaking landscapes, from their glaciers to coastal cliffs and mountains.

One photographer sought to capture the beauty of Iceland’s landscapes by photographing Icelandic horses against the stunning backdrops of waterfalls, wetlands and various other terrains.

When photographer Drew Doggett traveled to Iceland, he found inspiration from the Icelandic horses and the stunning landscapes of Iceland to create his newest equine photography series, “In the Realm of Legends.” 

Drew Doggett Ethereal Glow

Image via drewdoggettphotography/Instagram

Doggett was inspired not only by Iceland’s landscapes and the Icelandic horses but also by the folklore that still pervades Icelandic culture. One tale that provided Doggett with his inspiration is that of an eight-legged Icelandic horse named Sleipnir. In Icelandic folklore, Sleipnir is the spirit animal of the mythological god, Odin.

Drew Doggett Through the Night

Image via drewdoggettphotography/Instagram

Doggett says of the collection, “The backdrop for this series seems idealized and reminiscent of a utopian natural world, but in Iceland these archetypal ideas of dreamlike lands are real.” He continues, “The horse’s aptitude for surviving in a place where the impossible seems to coexist within the realm of the possible is part of what makes this breed a uniquely fitting counterpart for this environment—and the subject of my series ‘In the Realm of Legends.’”

Drew Doggett Free Spirit

Image via drewdoggettphotography/Instagram

The resulting photographs are almost ethereal in their aesthetic and seem to capture the mythical atmosphere of the Icelandic landscapes.

You can see more of his work on his Instagram and his website

Video via Drew Doggett/Vimeo

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