Omar the Maine Coon Could Be the World's Longest Cat

PetMD Editorial
Published: May 22, 2017
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At about 3 feet 11 inches, Omar the Maine Coon is poised to be the longest cat in the world. 

The feline, who lives in Australia with his pet parent Stephanie Hirst, has become nothing short of an internet sensation thanks to his stunningly large stature. The 3-year-old Omar, who has more than 53,000 Instagram followers and counting, had a growth spurt at around 1 year old and just kept growing. 

"Ever since we knew that Omar was so massive, we thought it would be pretty exciting to have the longest cat in the world," said Hirst, who has submitted Omar's measurements to Guinness World Records.

Hirst describes her furry, 30-pound friend as a "gentle giant." "[Omar] is quite affectionate and enjoys cuddling with us; however, he is too big to be a lap cat and doesn't really try to sit on us," she told petMD. 

Of course, Omar does use size to his benefit. "It can be harder to keep him away from things we don't want him to get," Hirst explained. "He uses his size and strength to get to things many other cats wouldn't be able to...He likes to open doors and cupboards and let himself into whatever he likes." 

Hirst also acknowledged that, because Omar is so big and fluffy, "there is a lot of cat hair in our house, so we need to vacuum regularly and keep lint rollers handy!"

Still, it's all worthwhile, because he is "so sweet and adorable," Hirst said. Even with his newfound fame and large stature, Omar is, as his devoted cat mom describes him, "a normal housecat." 

Image via @omar_mainecoon Instagram 

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