“The Office” Fans Are Living for Michael Scott the Cat’s Instagram Tribute

PetMD Editorial
Published: February 07, 2019
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Image via Instagram/dunderkitten

Instagram has become a hub for pet parents who are looking to turn their pets into international superstars.

Currently, there is one professional kitty that is taking the internet by storm. His name is Michael Scott—and yes, that is a reference to the famous TV show “The Office.”

His Instagram, dunderkitten, describes Michael Scott the cat as the “actual cat version of Dunder Mifflin’s favorite Regional Manager. A quirky, crazy cat who will do anything for attention. ‘Manager’ of 6 other cats.”

Each of his Instagram posts feature some of the best Michael Scott quotes from “The Office.”

If you are a fan of “The Office,” Michael Scott the cat is definitely worth following. Who doesn’t want to see some of your favorite Michael Scott quotes and moments reenacted by a cat?

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