Ocean Ramsey and One Ocean Diving Team Swim With the Largest Ever Recorded Great White Shark

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Published: January 24, 2019
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Image via OceanRamsey/Instagram

Off the south shore of Oahu, Hawaii, a sperm whale carcass began attracting sharks for feeding. At first, it seemed as if tiger sharks were the only ones showing up for the feast. However, as the day went on, a group of divers had a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

A group of divers, including marine biologist Ocean Ramsey, with One Ocean Diving—a “foundation and support platform for collaborative pelagic research, conservation, physiology, biology and human interaction/effect on sharks, sea turtles and whales,”—happened to be on the scene.

They were free diving with snorkels as Deep Blue, the massive great white shark, approached. Previously spotted 20 years ago, the BBC reports that Deep Blue is nearly 20 feet long and weighs an estimated 2.5 tons. The group immediately began filming and the footage is really quite amazing.

The great white shark just peacefully surveys the scene moving past the scurrying divers without a second glance. Even when one diver touches the shark to add some distance, she seems unphased by the experience.

As Deep Blue continues to glide through the water, dolphins even emerge and swim around her. Ramsey explains that while sharks normally inhabit cooler waters, it looks like Deep Blue—who is around 50 years old—is pregnant.

On the Instagram posts shared by Ocean Ramsey, she takes the time to explain the massive rate at which shark populations are dwindling and the need for better and more thorough conservation efforts. Without better conservation laws and practices in place, encounters like this one are going to become almost impossible.

To learn more and follow Deep Blue’s adventures, you can follow OCEARCH’s Twitter account for the shark.

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