NYC Doggy Daycare Has a Unique Solution for Dog Lovers Who Can’t Have Dogs

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Published: July 16, 2018
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Dog lovers are constantly searching for new ways to spend quality time with their furry friends. And for those who love dogs but aren’t able to have one of their own, Biscuits and Bath in New York City has come up with a unique solution.

In addition to providing services like doggy daycare, veterinary services and dog adoption, they also have a special Biscuits and Bath “Buddy” program for those who love being around dogs but aren’t ready or do not have the ability to make the commitment of owning one just yet.

As a buddy, members get the opportunity to show up at any of the 13 Biscuits and Bath locations in New York City and play with all different kinds of dogs that are there for doggy daycare.

But don’t worry, they don’t let just anybody come and play with the dogs. The process to become a buddy is fairly rigorous—including filling out an online application, paying a one-time processing fee, providing three references and sitting for an interview.

Once prospective candidates are evaluated for their ability to care for and treat dogs well, they are given a brief orientation on how the doggy daycare works and are welcomed on to the team. They are also provided with a Biscuits and Bath passport to show that they are part of the Buddy program.

biscuits and bath doggy daycare

Image via biscuitsandbath/Instagram

This program is perfect for those who can’t take care of a dog full-time, but still want some interaction with dogs on a regular basis. Additionally, it provides the dogs in doggy daycare the opportunity to have more face time with humans and play with them throughout the day while their pet parents are at work.

However, after spending a lot of time with other peoples’ dogs, if buddies are in a position to get a forever friend for themselves, Biscuits and Bath also hosts dog adoption events in collaboration with different New York animal care shelters. These events are open to the public and aim to match dogs with loving families.

biscuits and bath doggy daycare

Image via biscuitsandbath/Instagram

Biscuits and Bath accepts new applications every month for the Buddy program. It is open to all dog lovers over the age of 14 (with prospective 14-17 year old candidates required to have a guardian present).

Image via biscuitsandbath/Instagram

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