Super Bowl XLVI Goes to the Dogs

PetMD Editorial
Updated: February 04, 2013
Published: February 06, 2012
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Super Bowl Commercials Starring Animals

Everyone knows the most adorable Super Bowl commercials star either babies or animals. This Super Bowl XLVI was no exception, with quite a few fan-favorite commercials starring man’s best friend.


The adorable French Bulldog, clad in little sneakers and moonwalking across a race track finish line, was a crowd pleaser, currently ranking sixth on USA TODAY’s Super Bowl Ad Meter. Though Sketchers’s commercial caught some flak for featuring greyhound racing, representatives for Sketchers assured viewers the commercial was not intended to glamorize dog racing.


Doritos held a contest called Crash the Super Bowl, in which they asked people to submit a Super Bowl-worthy commercial. Two of the finalists are currently ranked in the top three on the Super Bowl Ad Meter. The one in third place featured a Great Dane that uses Doritos to bribe a man into not revealing the whereabouts of a missing cat.

Volkswagen Beetle said Volkswagen: Dog Strikes Back had the finest sight gag of the entire night -- when a fat dog looks at his plump reflection in the mirror and whines. The motivation behind the dog’s decision to lose some weight: he can no longer fit through his doggy door, missing his chance at chasing after the new Volkswagen Beetle.

Bud Light

A cute commercial that supports a good cause? That’s a win across the board for Bud Light and their adorable pup, "Weego." Currently ranked number two on the Super Bowl Ad Meter, partygoers only had to call out, "Here Weego," and little Weego came running with a Bud Light for them. The best part: The canine playing Weego is actually a rescue pet, and in his honor Bud Light has tied their commercial to a campaign with the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF). For every new "Like" Bud Light receives on Facebook, they will donate $1 to the ARF.