Shelter Pets Are Catching a New Bug ... The Circus Entertainment Bug!

PetMD Editorial
Published: February 25, 2011
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Anyone who still believes that a cat -- or a goose -- cannot be trained has not yet been to a Popovich Comedy Pet Theater show. Video after the jump.

The circus themed show began as a notion in the head of fourth generation Russian circus performer,  Gregory Popovich, who said he saw an abundance of healthy, intelligent animals being given up to animal shelters for "stupid reasons." At the same time, he said, he also became aware that there were many who supported the cause of helping homeless pets.

As Popovich began training animals for his shows, he made a conscious decision to work only with animals from shelters, and each show is partnered with a local animal shelter or rescue organization to encourage audience members to adopt a homeless animal.

His show has been featured on Animal Planet, the Jay Leno show, and the Letterman show, among many others, and has been voted the best family show in Vegas. They also go on world tours, but can currently be seen on their home turf at the Variety Theatre in Las Vegas.

To find out more about the Popovich Comedy Pet Theater, visit their site at

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